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Benjamin Touitou

I am BTO Junior, or Benjamin Touitou.
‘BTO’ Junior is an acronym for Benjamin Touitou, and ‘Junior’ is because my father is also, on his free time, a photographer and a painter.
I was born and lived in France for 15 years, and then moved to Jerusalem, Israel, until now.
I began photography after I got released from the army, where I served as a commander in the paratroopers, and started to study how to use by myself, by trying the options and functionalities.
Now, five years later and about half million of photos taken, I mainly shoot for events, private shootings, and sometimes have an opportunity to do some journalistic pictures for the news. Along with that, artistic photography is very important to me, as I see this form of art as a way to offer the public a certain perspective of reality. People say I am critic and open-minded. I tend to agree with that, and I think this is well reflected in most of my pictures. I really appreciate contrast and diversity, and I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to capture such situations.