The Spot Hostel & Beyond The Walls invites you to this 2nd part of our Street Art Exhibitions.


Wednesday 24.10 | THU | 19.30 @ The Spot Hostel in the Tel-Aviv port.
DJ Eazy S.H.Y will be responsible of the beats.

You're all invited !!!

24.10 | THU | 19:30

Four other artists from the Beyond the Walls israeli Street Art Community will exhibit some selected works:

  • Sasha
  • Shimon Wanda
  • Monkey RMG
  • Solomon Souza

There will be a store area with merchandise and unique goodies from the artists.

More events to come over the year, make sure to follow Spot Hostel and Beyond the Walls.


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  • The Spot Hostel
    Ha Ta'Arucha 3
    Namal Tel Aviv(Port)
    Tel Aviv

Date & Time

  • Thu, Oct 24, 2019 to Sun, Nov 24, 2019


The red galaxy, Painting by Monkey RMG
Flood 5, Painting by Sasha
Danish, Painting by Shimon Wanda

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