Background -

Graffiti tours and street art have undoubtedly been a popular trend in recent years, in parallel with the continuation of the process of recognizing the street art genre as an integral part of the mainstream art industry. This process began in the 1970s and 1980s and was accelerated by the rise of the hip-hop movement in the early 2000s in Brooklyn, New York.

The graffiti tours make accessible to the general public art that was originally more hidden and underground and give exposure to rejected artists, or prefer to give up in advance the recognition of "old establishment" people such as curators, art critics or gallery owners who try their best to preserve their power.

As the cultural and economic center of Israel, Tel Aviv boasts the most prolific street art scene when artists from all over the country come to create and exhibit street art.

Not everything is pink -

What's the problem, you ask? Many street artists in Israel and around the world are tired of the graffiti tours, or rather, the companies that organize them because they commercialize the field and make money at the expense of the artists!

In most cases, an artist spends many days creating a concept, drawing a sketch and performing the work on the street, money to purchase materials (which can reach hundreds and thousands of shekels, depending on the size and complexity of the painting) and personal risk of being caught by the police and fined. The various make a profit from these works and do not reward the artists who created them.

The change has come -

One of the oldest leisure companies in the country - TLVNIGHTS seeks to correct this injustice and has created a revolutionary graffiti tour.

The tour is called "The Story of a City" and is the first graffiti-historical tour of its kind to tell the history of Tel Aviv by presenting some of the stories and key personalities that shaped it to be one of the most amazing cities in the world. Of Arlozorov and the murder in Meir Park, learn about who Ben Yehuda and Meir Dizengoff were and discover facts you did not know about the unique Bauhaus style and the mythological Mehol neighborhood.

All the works on the tour were made especially for him by a community of street artists called BEYOND THE WALLS, a community founded by Dan Gruber, one of the oldest street artists in the country and uniting about 40 artists from all over the country. Historical and thus a unique mosaic of original work is created.

The big difference from other tours is that the artists received full pay for the work of the works on the tour and they will also be partners in the income from it. In doing so, society is trying to promote art in the country and the artists themselves.

In addition, TLV Knights' graffiti tour makes extensive use of AUGMENTED REALITY technology that enables the creation of an additional layer of computerized reality on our reality. By using this technology, the works of art can be brought to life and incorporate hidden elements that cannot be seen without the use of a dedicated app.

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