Monkey RMG, israeli artist with Street Art's roots in NYC

Monkey RMG, spent two years in NYC where he was exposed to the many facets of the graffiti and Street Art scene. It inspired him to develop his artistic connection to become a graffiti artist himself. In 2005, when he returned to Israel, he began to practice through trial and error which evolved...

Shimon Wanda

Zoom on the colourful Shimon Wanda's Street Art

Meet this awesome Street Artist Shimon Wanda and his delightful Art in our next show, The Beyond The Walls Street Art Exhibition - Part 2 

Noa's ark @ Shasa

Meeting with Sasha and her spiritual Street Art

Excited to present the artists that will exhibit on our next show, opening on 24.10:
Sasha, was born in Russia in 1987 and grew up in Jerusalem. She obtained a Master's degree in art from Beit Berl college. Today, other than being an active street artist, she teaches graffiti and environmental...

Above the limit @Dan Groover Arts

Dan Groover’s Ladder goes Beyond the Walls

Dan Groover found freedom of expression through hip-hop and graffiti painting by tagging the streets and subways of Paris at age fourteen.

He then lived in the Caribbean, where he transitioned his street art from wall to canvas, created original artworks and transformed his environment and the...

Roee Jakubinsky AKA Binsky

Even though Binsky flourished and grew in the art of art and even, he was inspired by the great masters of art history from the previous century, he always felt like an outsider interested in presenting ʼyndybydwʼlystym ideas and The sense of irregularities and personal dealing with difficulties...

Street Art By Michal Rubin, woman portraits

Michal Rubin

Michal is a Painter, a tattoo artist and a street artist.
You can find in her works a wide variety of colorful and unique graphic paintings that make the streets enchanting and convey optimism.
It deconstructs and reassembles, in graphic style, figures such as birds and women, looking at us from...

Revzin Eli (Revzzz)

Revzin Eli (Revzzz) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer covering a wide range of fields from 3D printing to photography. A design manager at a traveltech startup named WishTrip by day and an active street artist at night, Revzin mixes old and new by combining 3D printed objects with...