Street Art, the latest contemporary art movements of the 20th century.

The Street Art movement was born in response to issues of identity and integration in society, in order to lead a quiet revolution designed to defy the dictates of the establishment and create a platform for expression without censorship.

BEYOND THE WALLS is a community-based movement of street artists that makes connections with communities from different sectors such as: education, environment, communication, design and academia, etc.

The goal of BEYOND THE WALLS is to unite the people to drive and change forward in order to improve our society. To create collaborations within the community in order to create social change through art and artists themselves. To influence the trend of losing the essence and origin of the Street Art movement and to restore the artist's status in the eyes of society. 

Dan Groover, the artist and entrepreneur of BEYOND THE WALLS, with 30 years of experience in his field, pushed the limits of the artistic quest across three continents in order to reach far beyond and create a change of consciousness with the help of the new community given his visibility to the artists themselves.  

The change will be carried out through artistic projects in which artists are able to give independent expression according to the chosen subject of the project.

BEYOND THE WALLS created activities such as exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other artistic projects led by street artists who are pioneers of the new community.

Express.. Create..  Reveal..
Stay Real.