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Body & Soul © Dan Groover - דן גרובר
Dan Groover - דן גרובר
Dan Groover - דן גרובר

Dan Groover(דן גרובר) spent his childhood in Paris, France. Groover currently works in Jerusalem, Israel. His artistic career started in the eighties with the apparition of the urban French Hip-hop culture and found its own unique expression through Graffiti art. As it turned out, wall painting was a way to express his inspiration and creativity. In 1988, Groover moved his residence to the French West Indies where the change of scenery and the slower pace of life encouraged his painting to transfer from walls to canvases. Groover continued his art training in the Art School of Guadeloupe. Among his numerous accomplishments, one was for the stage design of the James Brown Caribbean tour. His works have been on display in various exhibitions in the West Indies, U.S, and France. However, in 1995, his move to Jerusalem sparked a new transition in his life and artistic approach. His studying in-depth has nourished his artistic creativity. Jazz and Hip Hop music, famous modern painters, dancers, American culture.

Dan Groover is a Franco-Israeli Artist and painter who has over time combined, his personal progress to the most modern techniques in his art work. In the 1980’s Groover began leaving his imprints around Paris and its suburbs by offering his original creations to passers-by.


The vivid colours and the bright light of the Caribbean, where he moved as a teenager, inspired him in his new creations. He completed several major projects inspired by the Carribbean, such as a wall fresco of six hundred meters around the Baie-Mahault stadium in Guadeloupe, artwork on building facades, movies and concerts sets, such as James Brown during his Caribbean tour.


It was then, that gradually Groover realized the transience of his artwork and at twenty years old, with the encouragement of his family, he began to expand and translate his work onto canvas, influenced by rhythmic creations including art pop and street music, as well as comics and imagery of New York city, its icons and lively boulevards, through its singers Acide-Jazz. He soon became one of the key artists of the Pop Art scene ranging over the Caribbean, New York and Paris. After visiting in New York, he wandered between street art, museums, rap concerts in Brooklyn, bohemian artists over the rooftops of Queens and teaching at the La Guardia Street Art School. He then returned to the West Indies with new dimensions of artistic perspectives.

 Then, once he had become a fulfilled and established artist, Groover looked for a new meaning, an innovative edge to his artistic approach and decides to return to origins. It is in Israel, where he was born that Grover becomes Dan Groover.


When in contact with this land of many roots, he immersed himself in the study of ancient and esoteric texts from which he draws a visual world full of both Israeli culture and the sacred symbolism related to Judaism for his creations. Just like Jacob's ladder, placed as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, Dan Groover applies a universal dimension to contemporary techniques of his art that is meant to be accessible to all, employing the graphical language and the visual Pop Art and Street Art.


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