Reveal (Olam)


Calligraphy, Stencil & Acrylic on Canvas
110 cm x 90 cm
Stretched on Wood

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With its unique matte surface, the canvas gives your image a vibrant, tactile materiality and combines cozy charm with simple elegance. 

Museum-quality canvas. 
Tightened to a wooden frame. 
Signed by hand by the artist.


Dan Groover - דן גרובר

Dan Groover - דן גרובר

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It's about Passover (Pessa'h) -
The man needs to go beyond the dimension of materiality to accede to the spiritual world, and reveal the essence of this world
As Jacob's ladder, the painting was released in live during Passover Event in Chol haMoed 5777 (2017) at Jerusalem, for a Haggadah presentation with Kol haOt Association