Le Spot Hostel et Beyond The Walls sont ravis de vous inviter à cette première exposition d'art de rue.


Mercredi 18.09.2019 à 19h00 au Spot Hostel dans le port de Tel-Aviv.
DJ Eazy S.H.Y sera responsable des battements.

Quatre artistes de la communauté Beyond the Walls exposeront quelques œuvres sélectionnées:

Michal Rubin
Dan Groover
Il y aura une zone de magasin avec des marchandises et des cadeaux uniques des artistes.

Plus d'événements à venir au cours du mois, assurez-vous de suivre Spot Hostel et Beyond the Walls.



  • The Spot Hostel
    Ha Ta'Arucha 3
    Tel Aviv Port
    Tel Aviv

Date & Time

  • mer, 18 sep, 2019 au jeu, 17 oct, 2019


Today, Dan Groover's israeli art is a new vision. It combines a mix of bold street art and soulful messages. Pop Art - Street Art : Dan Groover is well known for his Pop and Street Art series, rich in colours and visual depiction of Iconic figures. These series were the natural transition from...

+61 Life Line, Painting by Dan Groover

Michal Rubin is a Painter, a tattoo artist and a street artist. You can find in her works a wide variety of colorful and unique graphic paintings that make the streets enchanting and convey optimism. It deconstructs and reassembles, in graphic styles and figures such as birds and women, looking at...

+6 I am here, Painting by Michal Rubin

Revzin Eli (Revzzz) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer covering a wide range of fields from 3D printing to photography. A design manager at a traveltech startup named WishTrip by day and an active street artist at night, Revzin mixes old and new by combining 3D printed objects with classic...

+4 Aff-Ro, Painting by Revzzz

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