Olimpiada Paris - Jérusalem


  • Grande fête sportive et culturelle pour tous.
  • Marathon et flamme olympique de Paris à Jérusalem
  • Concerts de Shirel et Amir
  • Exposition à ciel ouvert de Dan Groover le long du parcours de course
  • Sculpture montée en direct par les artistes Dan Groover et Mordeli. 
    Design et peinture par Dan Groover
    Sculpture par Mordeli
  • Galerie d'exposition et de vente d'artistes anciens et nouveaux émigrants de France et de Belgique.
    (Dan Groover, Daniel Siboni, Gartner, Asnaby, Orli Ziv, Yaacov Corda, Ephraim Loeb, Yaacobi, Mordeli, Yohanan Delaunay)




  • Gan Sacher

Date & Time

  • jeu, 30 juin, 2016



Today, Dan Groover's israeli art is a new vision. It combines a mix of bold street art and soulful messages. Pop Art - Street Art : Dan Groover is well known for his Pop and Street Art series, rich in colours and visual depiction of Iconic figures. These series were the natural transition from...

+61 Life Line, Painting by Dan Groover

Ephraïm Loeb born in France in 1952, he emigrated to Israel in 1983. He learned fine art photography as a hobby 10 years ago. In 2009, he won the first prize of israeli art photography of F.I.A.F.E., organized by the French Institute in Israel and the French Embassy and later many others prices as...

+7 Montmartre © Ephraim Loeb
Orli Ziv

Orli Ziv

Expressionnisme & Judaica


Orli Ziv is a vibrant and multi-talented French artist. Born in 1960, she is the daughter of child survivors who had gone into hiding in France during the war. Her parents raised her with the love of israeli art, and she was lucky enough to grow up and study in Paris, both which gave her a taste...

+9 The Crooner © Orli Ziv
Art Gartner

Art Gartner



Traces and Memory : "Gartner’s works appear to be pages torn loose from inventory of memory. However, this coded language of which we can only try to guess the meaning, strikes us as quite familiar : as if his contemporary art first proceeded to a thorough self-analysis before addressing the...

+11 Tegami, Peinture by Art Gartner

Daniel Siboni is a French photographer who has been recognized over the last thirty years for his artistic accomplishments in interior architecture, fashion photography and street photography. His work in fashion photography has included numerous covers for ‘’Elle’’ Magazine throughout 2004, 2005...

+6 Pink Woman, Photography by Daniel Siboni


Contemporain & Judaica moderne


YAACOBI Yaacobi born in Africa (North) in 1953, has lived in France from the age of three, and was influenced by the surrounding culture. Finally, in 1999, he arrived in the Middle East, in the Land of Israel to fully fulfill his jewish art identity and participate in Israel Art History. He...

+10 Sewn Horizons, Painting by Yaacobi
Yaacov Corda

Yaacov Corda

Contemporain & Figuratif


The jewish artist Yaacov Yechezkel Corda is painter, illustrator, sculptor, writer and speaker, this artist was born in Corsica, self-taught, he begins in advertising design, comics, and writing for the theater, where his first play was a great success as he n ' only 16 years. A year later, his...

+3 Boy King, Painting by Yaacov Corda

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