Arad Levy

ארד לוי



As a rebel and creative kid, he remembers roaming the streets of Tel Aviv and being inspired by Graffiti and Street Art.  At age fourteen, he began spraying on walls and immediately felt passion for the ability to express himself through street art.  Although law breaking at times, freedom of expression is what motivates him until now to create his art through bold and colourful lettering tags

and portraits.  Today, through very active presence on the Street Art scene across Israel, he managed to fulfill his dream and made his true love and passion his day job.  He’s worked on several high profile commercial projects, notably a portrait of Zohar Argov the ‘king’ of middle eastern music in Haifa, The Flower Wall on the border of Israel-Lebanon with Artists for Israel in response to two kidnapped soldiers, Jaffa Flea Market, El-Al, and several commissioned projects in Europe.
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יצירות אמנות

Shoe in the desert, Painting by Arad Levy

Shoe in the desert

155 × 115 × 3 ס"מ
Spray can in the desert, Painting by Arad Levy

Spray can in the desert

115 × 170 × 3 ס"מ
Flamingo, Painting by Arad Levy


100 × 150 × 3 ס"מ
Crazy Elephant, Painting by Arad Levy

Crazy Elephant

100 × 150 × 3 ס"מ
Tel Aviv, Painting by Arad Levy

Tel Aviv

140 × 90 × 3 ס"מ
Blossom in Blue, Painting by Arad Levy

Blossom in Blue

80 × 100 × 3 ס"מ
Florentin, Painting by Arad Levy


100 × 150 × 3 ס"מ
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