Solomon Souza

Solomon Souza



Solomon Souza is a British born artist currently living in Tel Aviv. Raised in a family of artists, most notably his grandfather F.N. Souza who is considered the father of modern Indian art. He became some of the most prominent israeli artists.

He was guided towards creativity from a young age by his mother Keren. His Street Art journey began in Israel in his early teens and continued into the streets of London.  This has led him to various international commissions of murals in NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami, London and Sydney, Australia.  

His vision is to bring inspiration and motivation through colourful murals and original artworks inspired by life, religion and culture.  

He is best known for spray painting portraits of contemporary and historical figures on the metal shutters of the Mahane Yehuda Market ("The Shuk") in the heart of Jerusalem.

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