Yaacov Corda



The artist Yaacov Yechezkel Corda is painter, illustrator, sculptor, writer and speaker, this artist was born in Corsica, self-taught, he begins in advertising design, comics, and writing for the theater, where his first play was a great success as he n ' only 16 years.

A year later, his application is accepted to work in the cartoon for the French team in Montreuil Disney but it was not the required majority. On year after he completed his military service in Canjuers, in the Gorges du Verdon, where he practices pyrography and receives the diploma of "official painter of the French army," for which he painted giant copies of Gauguin's paintings and runs a team of painters working on the themes of Tahiti. He then went to Italy, lingers in the Uffizi in Florence and specializes in the techniques of fresco mural of the Italian Renaissance and research Leonardo da Vinci graphics.

Back in Corsica, he draws and writes for theater, learned singing, anime radio broadcasts and began teaching painting for many students. It multiplies the exhibitions, was introduced to sculpture and soon get "Grand Final in both categories of painting and sculpture" 1 "Grand Prix International Painting and Sculpture of Corsica".

On success, this island artist mounts in Israel and dedicates his life to the knowledge of the Torah. He can see a photo picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and attaches to this master and his philosophy. To possess the required level, he abandoned painting for 3 years, studying Kabbalah day and night and continues 10 years "special mission for spreading la'Hassidout with Kabbalists." His teachers asked him to teach to First Kabbalah and according to the ordinances of the Rebbe he resumed painting and became a lecturer in intellectual en'Hassidout branch (Chabad) working in conjunction with the Jerusalem picture galleries and created an association to disseminate its study books, novels and plays.

Soon it is developing new techniques of painting on canvas that aim to consolidate its experience in graphic design and oil painting, gathering trends classical studies and a modern expression.


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