9 be Av

In this symbolic painting this artist tells his own experience. Once, he was in New York city, carrying heavy paintings, walking in the middle of the city when it was raining a lot. He stopped suddently, asking himself what he was doing there (in that period he was already living in Jerusalem, Israel), and at this moment he saw he was on the 9th Avenue... - he take a picture, and in his vision 9th Avenue became 9 Av  (תשע באב).... More info



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Dan Groover - דן גרובר

Dan Groover - דן גרובר

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The both Temples were destroyed in 9 be Av, and also various tragedies through the history happened on 9 be Av. Under the panel of "One Way", we can see written "Dept of Deportation" for "Department of Deportation" because in 9 be Av started the exodus of the Jewish People.

So, we can see the construction of the painting with right in the middle writing "One Way" and "Unconditional Love", with the city of Jerusalem at the bottom of the painting ; because of Hatred the Second Temple was destroyed, so because of Free Love we could rebuilt the Third Temple.

9 be Av is also a symbol of hope and rescue because Mashia'h is born actually on 9 be Av

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