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The "Art'Drenaline" Festival shares the same desire to welcome artists with different backgrounds both their sensitivity and artistic technique, as their original inspirations, depending on the country which they came from before arriving to Israel, with the main topic: "The Four Corners of Earth". For the first time, "Art'Drenaline" confronts the artists who made their Alya from Europe - mostly for several years ago - and Israeli artists. The Lilac Abramsky-Arazi’s abstract painting and the sculptures of Rami Ater, the symbolism of Gartner, the figurative representations to oriental inspirations of Tami Gutman, and the Orli Ziv’s Jerusalem variations. As for the art of German-born artist Heike Zaun-Goshen, it is fully representative of this spirit of mixing cultures between abstract and figurative, between East and West, art is a bridge between cultures. We can also find the artist Dan Groover, which will surprise us in modern Pop Art creations into traditional jewish imagery  to meet the poetic imagery of Yacov Lunski. And we will travel through Ephraim Loeb’s photographies with landscapes from Jerusalem to Braslav, in confrontation with the Daniel Siboni’s urban photographies of Los Angeles.

In addition to the exhibition, the Festival will present different artistic events every week. The opening will be Tuesday, November 10th, from 19pm, with the participation of pastry chefs and chocolate artisans which will offer an original assembling of their own creations in a musical atmosphere orchestrated by the talented pianist David Lev. On Sunday, November 15th, from 19pm, an artistic evening is planned, followed by an auction in combination with F.S.J.U. in favor of A.M.I. Association. Tuesday, November 24th, from 19pm, the public will discover a representation of "Jacob's Ladder Project", with an art live Happening : a Dan Groover’s live painting on Saadya’s music SaHaD’s poetry.

Follow us and have more information on the course of the "Art'Drenaline" Festival on: & on our facebook page (Art'Drenaline:

Shlomo Museum Hechal

58 King George Street Jerusalem

Opening time :

From Sunday to Thursday: 09H-20

Fridays and Holiday eves: 09H-14H



For more information, contact Sarah SaHaD: +972 (0) 526 083 859


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Dan Groover - דן גרובר
Ephraim Loeb
Orli Ziv
Tami Gutman
Yaacov Lunski
Heike Zaun-Goshen
Lilac Abramsky-Arazi
Rami Ater
Daniel Siboni