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Prayer © Ephraim Loeb
Ephraim Loeb
Meguila © Ephraim Loeb
Ephraim Loeb
Ephraim Loeb

Ephraïm Loeb born in France in 1952, he emigrated to Israel in 1983. He learned photography as a hobby 10 years ago. In 2009, he won the first prize of photography of F.I.A.F.E., organized by the French Institute in Israel and the French Embassy.

He recently started to sale his work by auction in France.

« For me, the photography is a way to communicate very efficiently. It allows to express myself in a visual way what I feel. Some people have musical memory, some others, numbers or names… I have a visual memory, and what I see, I remember for long. A picture is worth a thousand words… This is my way to feel and communicate. »

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