The festival is designed to establish cooperation between Israeli artists who came from different countries and through group exhibition to present to the world the art of pluralism in Israel.



  • Dan Groover, Pop Art & Street Art
  • Gartner, Symbolism
  • Orly Ziv, Expressionistic Naiv
  • Yakov Lunski, Expressionistic
  • Ephraim Loeb, photography
  • Heike Zaun-Goshen, Figurative
  • Tami Gutman, Expressionistic Figurative
  • Daniel Siboni, Urban Photography
  • Rami Ater, Abstract Sculpture
  • Lilac Abramsky-Arazi, Abstract
  • Itamar Mizrachi, Designer


Tuesday 10th of November at 7pm

Live music, pâtisserie & chocolate exhibition, interactive activities

Art event & Auction

Sunday 15th of November at 7pm

Live music


Tuesday 24th of November

Happening "Soul'Ame" Live Art with painting, music and poetry in live


Curator: Sarah SaHaD, Art'Drenaline CEO
Production: Art'Drenaline Company
Art'Drenline company aims to make connections and collaborations between the artists and the public, through cultural and artistic projects.



  • Hechal Shlomo | The Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art
    58 King George Street

Date & Time

  • Tue, Nov 10, 2015 to Mon, Nov 30, 2015


Today, Dan Groover's art is a new vision. It combines a mix of bold street art and soulful messages. Dan Groover(דן גרובר) spent his childhood in Paris, France. Groover currently works in Jerusalem, Israel. His artistic career started in the eighties with the apparition of the urban French Hip-hop...

Life Line, Painting by Dan Groover
Ephraim Loeb Ephraim Loeb

Fine-art Photography

Artist Photographers

Ephraïm Loeb born in France in 1952, he emigrated to Israel in 1983. He learned photography as a hobby 10 years ago. In 2009, he won the first prize of photography of F.I.A.F.E., organized by the French Institute in Israel and the French Embassy and later many others prices as at the Jerusalem...

reflections of the dead sea © Ephraim Loeb
Orli Ziv Orli Ziv

Expressionism & Judaica


Orli Ziv is a vibrant and multi-talented French artist. Born in 1960, she is the daughter of child survivors who had gone into hiding in France during the war. Her parents raised her with the love of art, and she was lucky enough to grow up and study in Paris, both which gave her a taste and an eye...

The Crooner © Orli Ziv

Traces and Memory : "Gartner’s works appear to be pages torn loose from inventory of memory. However, this coded language of which we can only try to guess the meaning, strikes us as quite familiar : as if the artist first proceeded to a thorough self-analysis before addressing the spectator. I am...

Tegami, Peinture by Art Gartner
Tami Gutman Tami Gutman

Surrealism & Symbolism


Born in Haifa, lives in Jerusalem. Graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a degree in Linguistics and Hebrew & Arab Literature. Taught Arabic at the university and at high school in Jerusalem. Studied painting with Jerusalem painters Marc Yannai and Dalia Na’avai. Member of the...

Woman at the door 2, Painting by Tami Gutman
Yaacov Lunski Yaacov Lunski



Yaacov Lunski was born in France in 1956. He made Alya at 1986. Yaacov learned in Bezalel for one year at the graphic department and one year in the color decoration school of Paris. Today he works as a décor painter at the Israeli TV. Yaacov art being made in a free and intuitive way. The richness...

Creation, Painting by Yaacov Lunski

“Leaving one country for another never seemed to me something anyone in my family would have thought of. When I moved to Israel some 25 years ago, it was still a rather unusual step to take, especially when it meant exchanging Western Europe - where life was prosperous - for the Near East - where...

Scent, Painting by Heike Zaun-Goshen

Lilac Abramsky-Arazi, PhD integrates three fields in her work: painting, dance and neuropsychology, in an attempt to create art with psychological depth and movement. She aspires to build bridges between the emotional and the bodily, the symbolic and the concrete. Lilac paints mostly with acrylic...

Mika, Painting by Lilac Abramsky-Arazi
Rami Ater Rami Ater

Abstract Sculpture & Symbolism


Rami Ater, born 1960, Israeli artist, sculptor, focuses on abstract and symbolistic iron sculpting. Ater sculpts in iron, often with touches of brass. By applying techniques of his own development of heat and merging of substances, he is shaping texture and color, adding layers to his figurative...

The Way to VII , Sculpture by Rami Ater

Daniel Siboni is a French photographer who has been recognized over the last thirty years for his artistic accomplishments in interior architecture, fashion photography and street photography. His work in fashion photography has included numerous covers for ‘’Elle’’ Magazine throughout 2004, 2005...

Pink Woman, Photography by Daniel Siboni

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