Heike Zaun-Goshen

Heike Zaun-Goshen



“Leaving one country for another never seemed to me something anyone in my family would have thought of.

When I moved to Israel some 25 years ago, it was still a rather unusual step to take, especially when it meant exchanging Western Europe - where life was prosperous - for the Near East - where things seemed uncertain, even dangerous, and where even the simplest goal was often very difficult to accomplish. Not surprisingly, it took more than a decade after making aliyah to get back to painting, remembering yet another gift from the "old country" - the artistic talent I had been given by both of my parents. Today, I know that painting is an important part of my life again – and will remain so”.

Heike Zaun-Goshen was born in Germany, where she started drawing and painting at a young age. She later put her artistic inclination on hold when she studied for her Master's degree in education, general history and Spanish literature at Düsseldorf’s Heinrich Heine University. She took up her art again in the 1990s in Israel, studying for two years with Australian artist Jane Kohn, followed by a year at the Jerusalem Studio School led by Israel Hershberg and developed as a talented painter. Since then, she has taken part in exhibitions both in Israel and abroad. In addition, she works as a writer and translator, and she is the author of the book Beyond the Wall – Chapters on Urban Jerusalem.

Heike Zaun-Goshen paints in a classically precise style while the background is current-modern, thus combining both worlds. Usually, this abstract platform serves as a frame for a figurative painting, which itself makes a bold statement and is given a central role by the artist. This unusual combination of both elements seems indicative of our current time where contemporary art rules, seemingly rejecting the traditional values of painting. In most of her paintings, the artist focuses on one central object. She sheds light on women who stood out in the past and remain intriguing even today. They are a source of inspiration and trigger the artist’s urge to paint. In her own language of painting, Heike thus creates a sense of closeness between her subjects and the observer.

Artist Beyond the Walls: 


Scent, Painting by Heike Zaun-Goshen


50 × 40 × 2 cm
Pensamiento, Peinture by Heike Zaun-Goshen


0 × 0 × 3 cm
City Scape, Peinture by Heike Zaun-Goshen

City Scape

80 × 60 × 2 cm
Asian Portrait, Painting by Heike Zaun-Goshen

Asian Portrait

0 × 0 × 3 cm
As Above, Peinture by Heike Zaun-Goshen

As Above

70 × 80 × 2 cm
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