Rami Ater
Rami Ater



Rami Ater, born 1960, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ater's passion for artistic practice in general and iron sculpting in particular (which he stumbled into by chance) has been residing within him for many years. Over the years, he cooked, wrote poetry and took pictures, but these were always pursued recreationally rather than occupationally - taking a backseat to his "real" job. Although knowing, deep down, that iron sculpting is his way to self-actualization, his dream and desire to create and return to engaging with iron, waited in the background.

Life's involuted chain of events - pivotal moments, jarring experiences, introspection and revelatory insights - has led him back to his roots and allowed him to reconnect with his love of iron sculpting. The reunion with this material gave birth to a very personal artistic practice that emanates from within as a figurative expression of Ater's emotional world.

Currently, sculpture is the central activity in his life. Along the way he has enriched his technical capabilities through learning in Rami Rudich's iron workshop, where he continues to create daily. Ater perceives iron, which is a medium full of contradictions, as most suitable for expressing his complex inner world, at times through posing a struggle and at times through accommodating a dialog. Ater is a member of the IAA/AIAP.



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