Let Us Dream


Herzl.. If You Don't Let Us Dream... We won't Let You sleep.. Street ART 

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Work available in gallery::  Galerie Claude Kelman - Espace Rachi




Printing on wood is a perfect option for those who love the elegance and durability of wood combined with the vibrant colors, with a vintage touch.

Signed by hand by the artist.


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Dan Groover
Upside Down Knesset Ben Gurion , Painting by Dan Groover Life Line, Painting by Dan Groover

Dan Groover
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*Let Us Dream* by Dan Groover Arts in exhibition in Paris  

A political leader once said: 

’Herzl never said "In Bazel I established the Jewish state",

he wrote it in his diary... He believed in women's rights, in equality and religious tolerance... that being "the chosen people" is a moral responsibility and not a right... and this is one case where one can say with no hesitation that the leader had made the history. If not for Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl we wouldn't be standing here today...

“If you don’t let us Dream we won’t let you sleep”

Quotation authorDan Groover

is an unknown quote which Dan Groover found fitting to Herzl’s vision.. A true revolutionary Dreamer


  • Authenticity: Work sold with an invoice from the artist and a certificate of authenticity
  • Signature: Hand-signed by artist
  • Medium:
    Acrylic, Spray Paint, Stencil
  • Styles: Pop Art
  • Themes:
  • Edition: Unique piece


  • Dimensions:
    60 × 80 × 3 cm
  • Year: 2020

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