Tunis, Jerusalem via Paris.

Initiated by Chinese friends, son mission diplomats in Paris, Yaacobi began by drawing at the age of 8 years .Its Evolution pass from figurative to the modern and the contemporary. Recently his work is conceptual. The canvas becomes a stakeholder in the work, as far as color and pictorial realization. And the work is meant to be a dialogue with the art lover to create sensations, thoughts and pleasures.

In France

He creates posters for large community events, such as "Yom Hatorah" in the Bourget (under the Chief Rabbi of France), or "The Hilloula sur Seine". It also outlines in the district councils (town councils of the 11th, the 3rd and 20th).

In Israël

For 16 years in Israel, he has exhibited in regional community centers, kibbutzim. And lately in Jerusalem at the gallery "Georges 5", with over twenty works, of various sizes, all recent creations, colorful, overflowing with materials and clothing pictorial of a violin. The spirituality, the relationships with others, the relationship with the Divine, the strength and the weakness, the wealth and the poverty, the joy and the sadness, the hope and the despair, the vanity and the humility, the beautiful and the ugly, the harmonious and the disproportionate, the right and the wrong, the success and the failure, the love and the hate, the order and the disorder, the loyalty and the betrayal, the tolerance and the tyranny. The diagonal is the shortest path to connect the opposites. This work, draw diagonal, is recurrent in the work of Yaacobi even if he does not limit himself. How to draw a diagonal line between day and night, how to connect the material to the spiritual, the man and the woman, the finite to the infinite, the light to the darkness ? How to express or create the artistic diagonals. It is the constant research of the painter and artist Yaacobi! The Diagonal between black and white, it will be a checkerboard. Between heaven and earth it will be a ladder. Between gravity and weightlessness (in the sense of detachment contingencies), this will be the wings. The child will be the diagonal between the body and the soul when they are in resonance. Life could be the diagonal between “being” and "not being" intelligence will link the more to the less. Humility will connect face to intelligence. The canvas will be the diagonal between the artwork and the artist. To research the diagonals may be the work of a lifetime and also of an artistic expression. Diagonal does not negate the opposite, it identifies and connects them. They exist, but remain opposed, and are connected. Through it, they "connexe" know themselves and perhaps recognize themselves.